Course Overview

This course is the perfect next step to expanding upon the "Building Blocks" of Belly Dance! It's designed as an intermediate course to be both encouraging and motivating. I am sure you will find some classes easy to move through, and others challenging. There is quite a variety and sometimes it just takes adding an arm combination on top of a hip figure 8 to go from intermediate to advanced. Please comment and give feedback so myself and other students can where the material lands with you!

If you have the "Building Blocks of Belly Dance" course I recommend doing the warm up video as often as possible to help keep the body stretched and warm up as you dive deeper. If you don't already have the "building blocks" course, I recommend you get it;) Even if you are an experienced dancer, there are nuggets for you too! Ask about my "bundle deal"! The other video on the "building blocks" course that I recommend you watch in preparation for this course is the "home position" class. This is the most important starting position in belly dance as its where all the movements stem from. It also lengths the spine, protecting your lower back! Because I feel this is SO important, I have this class offered for FREE on that course. Check it out!

As you can see in the curriculum list, we have lots of ground to cover! I'm here to guide you through your challenges and break through them! Be prepared for many "aha moments" as we connect our minds to our spines. With out further a due, grab some water and a hip scarf and Let's break on through!

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